Asia Unbound

Los Angeles is the quintessential horizontal city with 915 miles of sprawling freeways and highways. Hong Kong’s astronomical real estate prices have led to a severe housing crisis. Cities in mainland China routinely face choking pollution and food safety scandals. In Global Cities: Urban Environments in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and ChinaProfessor Emeritus of Urban & Environmental Policy at Occidental College Robert Gottlieb and former Chief Research Officer at Civic Exchange Simon Ng explore the wide-ranging but interconnected environmental challenges that plague these areas and the steps that each region is taking to solve them. From clean water to bike sharing, Gottlieb and Ng believe that the lessons learned in each of these global centers can be applied to other urban areas—improving standards of living across the world. Tune in to this week’s Asia Unbound podcast to hear more from both authors on what the world can do to find a better balance between environmental protection and rapid economic development.

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