Another in a series of talks in Hong Kong between September 11-16.


With technology advancement and a relatively stable living condition, we should be in a better position to improve the lives of our community or the world. However, we feel increasingly powerless with a variety of social issues amidst a rapidly changing world.

Take, air pollution, for instance. We see how the roadside air pollution problem has threatened lives and health of thousands of our fellow Hong Kong people. Among them, there are children who suffer long term lung function damaged, there are elderly with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, due to or triggered by long term exposure to vehicular traffic pollution. Air pollution has caused huge social cost that is borne by everyone in Hong Kong. We have no reason not to take action now.

Let’s look and think further. Globally, as the growth of economy has increasingly relied on city, there will be more megacities where population and economic activities concentrate in urban areas. Public health, traffic, livability will become more of the concerns among all top cities with rapid urbanization. Could Hong Kong, instead of following best practice, set the best practice on tackling such a global problem? Our city’s inability to safeguard its people’s basic right to breathe safe, will hinder us from becoming a genuine global livable city. As a global citizen, we have no reason not to take action now.

So, let’s talk and do something. In the & “Citizen for Change” session, we are very pleased have 2 distinguished guests, Mr. Simon Ng and Professor Robert Gottlieb, to share with us the valuable experiences across global cities on citizen’s effort to tackle air pollution. Then, we hope to a brainstorming session on how citizen could get involved.

Over the past years, Clean Air Network has played a crucial part in a citizen’s movement to push for policy changes that reduced key pollutants up to 30%. However, the work is not done yet. Our health is still in danger as roadside air pollution is still well above the safe level. We all need to take action to bring ourselves the living quality that we deserve.

We look forward to meeting you in the event!

Your sincerely,
Clean Air Network


  • Robert Gottlieb (Emeritus Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy; Founder and former Director of the Urban & Environmental Policy Institute at Occidental College, Los Angeles; Author)
  • Simon Ng (Environmental and transport consultant; Fellow and former Chief Research Officer at Civic Exchange; Author)


Event Details

Time: 12th Sept 2017 (Tue), 6:30pm -9:00pm
Venue: Morrison Cafe & Bar
284 Queen’s Road Central,  Sheung Wan
(5-min walk from Exit A2, Sheung Wan MTR Station)

Event Rundown
6.30pm  Networking & Reception
7.00pm Let’s Talk, Citizens’ Role in Clean Air: Lessons from Los Angeles and Hong Kong
8.00pm  Let’s Do Something: Brainstorm session to explore next actions
8.50pm Closing Remarks

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